Dusza zaiste godna stosu?!

(PREMIERE 01.03.2003)
(A. Bazakbal Stage)

screenplay and directing
Ewa Marcinkówna

stage designing
Jolanta Solska

Jerzy Chru¶ciński

Marta Szmigielska
as poet
playing on the piano - Jerzy Chru¶ciński

Marina Cwietajewa was born on the 26th September 1892. She started writing poems when she was six, she made her debut when she was 16. In January 1912 she married Sergiej Efron. When the revolution dispersed the family, she was writing to him: "If God makes this miracle - and He keeps you alive, I will follow you as a dog".
Before the year 1917 she visited Petersburg and there she met Osip Mandelsztam. The feeling stronger then friendship tied them togrther. In 1922 she went with her daugther Ariadna to Prague, where her husband had already emigrated. She stopped for a short tme in Berlin where the romantic, corresponent love with Boris Pasternak begins:
"Good morning, Boris! (...) Everybody was still sleeping - I stopped, raising my head to meet you. So I live with you, at dawns and nigths, getting up in you, going to sleep in you. You don`t know yet, but I have a new poem for you..."
When she gave birth to her son Georgij their family moved to Paris. There she got a message about the death of adored Rilke, who she corresponded with their relations with Russian emigrates were not too good and 17 years later Marina left France with her son and in June 1939 she came back to Russia, ruled by Stalin. She joined her husband and daugther who were arrested the same year. She never knew what happened to them. She stayed alone in hostile Moscow. She asked Boris Pasternak for help, but he treated her unwillingly, for fear of losing his position. She wanted to save Georgij, so she left the unfriendly city. Deprived of means for life, she commited a suicide on the 31 st of August 1941.
In the letter to her son she wrote: "Forgive me, but further it would be even worse. I`m seriously ill, me - it`s not me any more. I love you madly. But please, understand that I couldn`t live any longer. Tell your father and Ala - if you see them- that I loved them to the last minute and explain them that I floundered to the dead - end street."
The performance "Cwietajewa - the soul really deserving the stake?!" was composed of the poems of M.Cwietajewa whose creation was supposed to be a record of every moment, every detail: "everything will be the body of your poor, poor soul, left in the huge world".
Swimming against the current, she was breaking the poetic convenance, she was overcoming the settled forms to show the tragedy of human being, his feelins and passions, wrunging him with the powerful force. In the poems full of exclamations and question marks she was writing about the immortal human sirit, about the essence of love.
From the works used for a screenplay by the director Ewa Marcinkowna, there emerges a lyrical portrait of a woman: loved - loving - abandoned. Marta Szmigielska plays the role of the poetess - amoureuse very suggestively, performing with the expression full of emotions both in poems and songs with the music composed by Jerzy Chruscinski. Impressive stage designing, overwhelming the space of the café is the work of Jolanta Solska.
Our performance is dedicated to those who desire the moment of silence, deep thought, the meeting with the beautiful poetic word - the meeting with good poetry in today`s fast running world.

Text was taken from official web site of St. I. Witkiewicz Theatre


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